We’re excited to announce that our new Local Meeting Finder has been updated and is now live on our site. We encourage you to share the information below with others.

You can try it now at https://meetings.smartrecovery.org or by visiting our SMART Recovery homepage “Find a Local Meeting” links. 

A few things to know:

It starts with a location search like the current finder. It defaults to searching meetings (both In-Person and Online) within 100 miles of that location.


A key difference: search results are sorted BY TIME, starting with the current and next upcoming meetings near that location at the top of the list. This is a huge benefit for those searching for meetings that fit their schedule and those that need a meeting urgently.


Meeting start times are automatically shown in your local time zone


Check out the Filters! Click that orange button and narrow your search results by:

    1. Day of Week (only have free time on Mondays for a meeting?)
    2. Online vs In-Person
    3. Distance (between 10 and 250 miles from the location searched)
    4. Tags (looking specifically for Family & Friends? Or an LGBTQ meeting?)

Click on any meeting to get details and helpful actions including:

      1. Add to Calendar
      2. Join on Zoom (for online meetings)
      3. Map/Directions

Meetings that are tagged as private and not open to the general public are not included. If assistance is needed to locate this type of meeting please contact the National Office at 440-951-5357 Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time.

Please use the Contact Us page right in SMARTfinder or click to it directly with this link: https://meetings.smartrecovery.org/meetings/feedback/ to provide feedback.

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Contact Us