As you may already be aware, SMART offers our Successful Life Skills course to recovery homes in six states: California, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, New York, and Virginia. This is made possible through a partnership with The Fletcher Group and a grant from the Elevance Foundation.

We’re contacting you at this time to invite you to become a facilitator for the Successful Life Skills 12-sesson course in one of these recovery homes. The course follows the Successful Life Skills handbook and all supplies are provided free of charge to the recovery homes.

Additionally, grant funds will allow us to offer a $25 stipend per session, per facilitator.  

Please contact Alena Kuplinski or Christi Alicea directly if you are interested in taking part in this important initiative and let us know your schedule availability to facilitate meetings for a home (online) [email protected] or [email protected].

We’ll schedule you for a brief 45-60min training session to prepare you for running meetings for this initiative. If you already took this training in the past, feel free to join for a refresher!


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