Toolbox - Change Plan Worksheet

Change Plan Worksheet - Facilitators' Edition

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When to use this tool: This tool can be used to help participants who have identified goals make a plan to work towards achieving them.  It may also be used to help with problem-solving since it breaks large problems down into smaller steps and helps focus efforts to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Example of its use in a SMART meeting:

Write down the headings below:

  • The Changes I want to Make are
  • How important is it
  • How confident am I
  • The most important reasons why I want to make these changes are
  • The steps I plan to take in changing are
  • The ways others can help me are (who they are and how they can help)
  • I will know my plan is working if
  • Some things that could interfere with my plan are

Encourage a participant to say a change they want to make, then start going through the process. Encourage other people to participate.

At each step, DISCUSS how the step can help.

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