As you may know, our Board of Director’s strategic plan includes an initiative to address our organizational culture and issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We’re excited to report that the committee working on those efforts recently proposed a set of organizational values that were adopted by the Board. The approved values were the result of a thorough process that started with every member of our National Office team and included reviews by our Regional Coordinators and SROL Leadership Team.

Typically, an organization’s values are presented in conjunction with its mission statement. The mission statement indicates what an organization’s purpose is, while the values indicate how the organization hopes to go about the work of achieving that mission. In other words, how will we treat one another as we interact within the organization and with the outside world?

We believe that this set of values is a powerful statement about who we want to be as a SMART community. Please join us in keeping them in mind as you do any work with SMART Recovery. And thank you for the ways that you’ve already been living up to them in the important work that you do for us every day.


We are committed to the power of choice, offering stigma-free tools and communities for individuals to use as they make progress on their own goals to build a life beyond addiction.


We see the value in every human being and are dedicated to identifying and transcending barriers to participation in SMART Recovery.


We accept and appreciate our different ways of being and support one another with respect, encouragement, and compassion.


We are committed to being transparent and honest in our decision-making, aligning our actions with our words.


We strive to have a meaningful positive impact in the world. We set goals, encourage innovation, measure progress, and follow through on our commitments.


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