Current Research Studies Looking for Volunteers

SMART Recovery continually partners with research studies in order to champion the cause of further understanding the addiction and recovery process to help people live Life Beyond Addiction. Check this page often for new studies looking for volunteers.   Read More

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We encourage our volunteers to work together for support and to collaborate. It’s well know that when you put heads together you are likely to come up with more ideas than you would on your own. SMART has several ways that volunteers can get in touch with each other.   In SMART Recovery... Read More

Face-to-face, Local Online and SROL Verifications

We have received a lot of questions about how verifications differ between face-to-face, local online, and SMART Recovery Online (SROL) meetings. Here is the gist of it:  Face-to-face – Typically participants bring a card for the facilitator to sign when in a face-to-face setting. Sometimes a... Read More

The Local Meeting Finder Has Been Updated!

We’re excited to announce that our new Local Meeting Finder has been updated and is now live on our site. We encourage you to share the information below with others. You can try it now at or by visiting our SMART Recovery homepage “Find a Local Meeting” links. ... Read More

Fletcher Group RCOE Initiative Reminder

SMART Recovery is currently engaged in a partnership with The Fletcher Group to bring SMART Recovery into recovery homes in rural counties. This partnership means we’ll be able to increase our footprint in these areas, and volunteers are a key part of this important effort. There are still a... Read More

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