SMART Recovery’s mission is to empower people to achieve independence from addiction problems with our science-based 4-Point Program. ® To achieve our mission we need to increase the number of meetings we have available. We recognize that increasing meetings is not just about starting new ones, but also keeping the meetings we have active. One way we can do this is through team facilitation. Over half of the meetings that ended in 2021 closed because the facilitator stepped back for reasons such as burnout, changing jobs, or moving. Many of them could have remained active by having more than one facilitator, a team approach.


Here are some of the benefits of team facilitation


  • Having more than one facilitator in the room can make it easier when new participants join your meeting. One facilitator can focus on welcoming newcomers while the other gets things set up for the meeting.
  • Facilitating one or more meetings a week, every week, can be a lot! Having a team of facilitators to alternate weeks, or even just fill in while you take a vacation, attend an event, or get a flat tire, can help to lighten your load. Lifestyle balance is just as important for facilitators as it is for participants!
  • Meetings stay active and available for the participants, which creates a positive impact in their lives and creates a ripple effect in our communities.


Here are some ideas that can help you build a team


  • Look around the room at your next meeting. Is there anyone who has been attending for a while that may make a good facilitator? Talk with them to see if they are willing to become a co-facilitator. Training scholarships are available throughout the year if finances are a barrier.
  • Reach out to your Regional Coordinator. RC’s receive a list of training graduates each month and may know of someone in your area that is not yet ready to start a new meeting, but may be willing to help out with an existing one. In states that do not have a Regional Coordinator, the national office can help.
  • Talk to your friends and family members to see if they might be interested in taking our training and joining your team.

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